My life before I found my forever home


Abby here. I was born into a puppy mill and used as a breeder. I spent six years pushing out puppies. I was kept in a kennel so small and had to share it with another dog that they ripped out all my teeth so we couldn’t fight and only left two teeth in the back so I could eat. When I got old, sick, and could no longer breed I was set lose.

The animal shelter found me wandering the streets not that far from the mill. I was covered in lice, blind, couldn’t hold my urine from having so many litters, and had the worst case of kennel cough they had ever seen. The animal shelter thought I wasn’t going to survive so they gave me one week to find a home before they would put me down. They didn’t want to spend medical resources on me since they thought I was a lost cause. They bathed me, de-flead me, and cut my hair then put me into a kennel to await my fate.

All the humans walked past me as soon as they heard me coughing and weezing. The humans that did stop to glance over at me seen how sick and weak I was and wanted nothing to do with me. The rest who got past all that and still decided read my bio saying I was blind and special needs thought I would be to much of problem and walked away.

Then on the very last day; three hours before closing a man walked up to my kennel and stood there starring at me longer then the others did. He walked away and came back with an animal shelter attendant and they moved me from my kennel into the play area. I was to sick to play and all I kept thinking was “this human was not going to want me.”

I cuddled up on the ground and laid next to his legs and cried. He bent over picked me up and hugged me. He threw a treat for me on the ground and when I tried to to chase it I coughed so hard that I couldn’t walk over to get the treat so I just awkwardly stood there and starred at him. I thought I was going back to the kennel for sure. Sure enough I did. The shelter attendant lady put me back in my kennel.

To my surprise an hour later the same man returned with papers and a leash in his hand. He took me out of the kennel, walked me over to his truck, and took me home. He got me the very best veterinary care and rehabilitated me as much as he could. That was almost three years ago and I now live a normal healthy life. Im the happiest and most loved dog in the world and because of my new owner I have a second chance at life. Im happy to be spending it with my forever family.