My life before I meet my forever family


My name is Trixie and I didn’t have the best life before I meet my forever family. I had around six homes before I found my mom. I was sold as a baby to a family with a lot of children. The children weren’t so nice to me especially the teenagers. The teenagers would beat me and torture me because they thought it was funny. The neighbors decided to call the animal police one day because of my constant crying and screaming. I was removed from the house and placed at an animal rescue for border collies.

A women with cancer adopted me, but she couldn’t keep me because I was so terrified of men that I couldn’t live without fear around her husband. I was then given to the ladies neighbor, but the neighbor got a little frustrated with me because I was always hiding and was scared of everything. I was constantly trying to run away so she decided to give me to her son. The son was a man so I immediately didn’t like him. I would always bark at him and not allow him to enter his own home. I thought he would be like all the other men and try to hurt me, but he wasn’t. So the man looked for a home where I would be happier…a home with no men. Then after meeting many people he thought my Mom would be the best mom. So he gave me to her.

I have now been with my mom for a year the longest I’ve been with any other family and I’m very happy. Ive learned to develop trust and have fun again. Im so thankful the man found my mom for me.


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