My life with my forever home

I now live a very happy and safe life with my forever family. I no longer live in fear. I spend my days at the dog park playing with other dogs. I spend my nights cuddled up with my mom in bed at night. She helps me overcome my fears. She never gets frustrated or gives up on me.

My mom has taught me that not all men are mean and not all humans are bad. I used to get scared of sudden movements, loud noises, people, and other animals. I spent my life hiding under the bed, the kitchen table, and in the closet. Now I’m comfortable to be out in the open because I trust me mom and my new family. I also have a dog sister named abby who helps me when I get anxiety. She comes and licks me or chases other animals away when I get overwhelmed. Im happy and am now more trusting. I have still have some things to work on but I know my mom will help.